Courage to Change

“If you have the courage to change yourself for the better, right at this very moment, then you are already a success. Moreover, the immense joy this will give you is far more important than any wealth.”
Written in 2014 by Leandro E.Pasamba

CV – Curriculum Vitae

How often do you update your CV?

We often update our CV as per job prospecting or promise of a promotion. Your CV is your passport in the jobmarket. It should be ready to email for that job opening at all times.

Checking your details such as your references, spelling errors, dates is so essential. Have an alternate contact number & email address typed out correctly. Certificates can be scanned & saved to send only upon request, on a separate folder.

Take time to study so you may add a new course each year or more if possible. Education & knowledge is key to all, giving you great power. Your CV unlocks so many potential doors for you. You could apply for a simple job but when someone sees the content of that CV, they will offer or your recommend you for something far better than you could ever dream of.

Get serious about yourself cause you have potential to make that CV come alive & open up National / International job opportunities.

Know How to Grow

Never be caught in the same place without any progress.

Knowledge is power and opens many potential great doors.

You need to explore and expand yourself despite what you SEE or HEAR.

Network, connect with people, and friends that will direct you towards your great potential self –  that is your daily project/assignment. Live it breath it..

Research what you hold in education as a qualification just in case there is an offer with an opportunity to grow. How is it that others in the same position as you, progress but you remain stuck?  They ask questions which helps gain the necessary knowledge.

And please “DON`T LET ANY REJECTION SLOW YOU DOWN”. If they reject you, all the more reason for you to do your research & get back out there.. It hurts but get over it & move on.

Remember, you need to show your worth and not just sign a contract & collect a pay cheque. Excel in all you do;  if not for a promotion, then for your self-growth & respect.

No one invests in something that shows no potential for rewards either way.

Make your mark everyday, week, month, year but never GIVE UP..


The most amazing thing is that we study & gather certificate after certificate. At times we use a lot of money trying to improve ourselves but miss the opportunity to land that prize-job. No one actually explains, motivates or directs you in the way you need to go. So our certificates lay & gather dust, and we still have not improved our income / lifestyle etc.

Just stop for a moment  & search the market for positions best suited. Yes, there are jobs out there if you are prepared to do the research.

Careers verses Income

We can all see the economy creating some scares for all of us. No matter how secure a company may seem, there is a nagging thought of what could happen tomorrow.

The best thing is to equip, and prepare yourself for the worst whilst working on a back up plan. Do research and make sure that your information is sound. Never be caught off guard. Check that your UIF, Provident Fund or any insurance you take to protect yourself, in the event that you lose your job is paid up to date.



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